Drucker Labs

Drucker Labs

The mission of Drucker Labs is simple and unpretentious: to bring health to customers, employees, and families, to create products made of only pure and carefully screened ingredients, to adhere to best manufacturing practices, and to respect individual differences.

Drucker Labs is truly proud of its carbon-bond technology - the key to the superiority and uniqueness of their products. As Dr. Richard Drucker explains it: "We are unique in a number of ways: most importantly, our mission is born from our product formulary, our manufacturing technologies, our production standards, our unrelenting commitment to healthcare professionals and to the well being of their patients. It all stems from an underlying scientific approach to nutrition that stands out as dramatically distinct in the saturated nutritional supplement arena."

The focus of Drucker Labs is attached to a specific nutrition paradigm. Because our agriculture and farming industry has received unprecedented amounts of toxic substances such as pesticides and herbicides, the soil's yield is of poor quality. Chemicals have interfered with the food chain putting the country's food supply in a most precarious state. No wonder Americans are said to be significantly nutrient-deficient. The minerals that come from the soil are tainted, and Drucker Labs' vision is to reverse that phenomenon.

Dr. Richard Drucker has spent years investing in the best government-approved manufacturing processes. He believes in the highest quality control standards to create one of the finest supplements in the market. His company uses "cold fill" - a purified cold-water process - which yields higher amounts of carbon and fulvic acid. Drucker Labs spares no effort or money to come up with products that deliver. Cold processing is an expensive process, but Drucker Labs believes this is the only method that generates superior outcomes. Drucker Labs is committed to your health by manufacturing the best vitamin supplement available, intraMAX.

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