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Natural Laundry Soap Without Detergents

When choosing a natural laundry soap many people also consider that they want to use a chemical free laundry soap that will not harm the environment.

The laundry detergents that millions use on a daily basis can have a number of negative effects on the environment and the body. Many people believe that natural laundry detergent alternatives aren't as effective as regular detergents, but this simply isn't true. Natural laundry soaps clean clothing without using harsh and harmful chemicals. Instead of using ingredients like phosphates, natural laundry alternatives utilize ingredients like vegetable glycerin and baking soda to remove dirt. These ingredients are safe for the household and the environment. Natural laundry soap also doesn't have artificial scents or other harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the lungs. Many chemical free laundry soaps use essential oils that smell great and aren't bad for the body.

The Harms of Laundry Detergent

Without a doubt the worst part of regular laundry detergents is their use of ingredients that cause serious harm to health and the environment. One of the most common ingredients in laundry detergents are phosphates. Phosphates can be found in many laundry detergents, and they do work well at cleaning clothing. However, they can have numerous negative effects on the environment. Phosphates can make their way from a household drain to natural water supplies, where they can cause an excessive growth in algae.

The addition of too much algae can disrupt the ecosystem, and the algae can consume oxygen and block the light that is needed by the fish and plants. There has been a legal push to remove phosphates from household cleaning supplies, but they can still be found in most states.

Many detergents also contain chemical based surfactants that contain petroleum. The production of petroleum alone can be harmful for the environment, but surfactants are also bad because they aren't easily broken down. Once they are introduced to natural water sources they can create a toxic and harmful environment for aquatic wild life. Chemical-based surfactants may also be harmful to people, and they may damage the endocrine system.

Another common ingredient that can harm the endocrine system are parabens. Parabens are used to preserve the detergent, and once the body is exposed to them they can actually build up within the body. 1,4 dioxane is another chemical in laundry detergent that can easily make its way into the environment, because it easily mixes with water, soil, and it evaporates into the air. 1,4 dioxane can cause irritations to the eyes and throat, and long term exposure can cause kidney and liver damage.

Natural Soaps are Great for Your Clothes!

Besides reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals, natural laundry soaps are also great for clothing. Many people experience that stiff and damaged feeling that clothing has when it comes out of the wash, and many of the chemicals used in regular laundry detergents are actually bad for clothing. They can strip them of their color and leave them stiff and dry.

Natural ingredients
don't strip the color from clothing as quickly as regular laundry detergent, and they won't leave clothing as stiff and dried out. It is important to make the switch to natural and chemical-free laundry soap. Regular laundry detergents have chemicals that can harm the environment and the public's health. They don't easily breakdown, and they can disrupt delicate ecosystems and the human body. Natural alternatives help to reduce exposure to these chemicals, and they are great for sustaining and maintain clothing of all kinds.

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