Radius has become a leader in innovative toothbrushes. Their designs are unique and emphasize both functionality and enjoyment. Since their beginnings in the early 1980s, they have grown into an environmentally conscious company that produces the finest natural toothbrushes.

The Radius Toothbrush Story

Radius got its start on the tranquil Caribbean Island of Tortola. Founders James O'Halloran and Kevin Foley were architects who were disillusioned by the lack of quality toothbrushes. They were turned off by the small toothbrush heads and their lack of functionality.

Radius sought to design a toothbrush that was functional, easy to use, and enjoyable. What they came up with was the groundbreaking Radius Original.

The Radius Big Brush (Formerly Called Original)

Radius Big Brush was designed in 1982, and it provides a plethora of soft bristles that gently massage the gums and clean the teeth. The Big Brush has over 5000 bristles, and it is made from environmentally friendly cellulose. O'Halloran and Foley created a toothbrush that was functional and enjoyable, and the Big Brush lasts as long as 9 months.

It didn't take long for the buzz about Radius toothbrushes to build. Their ergonomic design and amazing functionality won the Original the "Accent on Design" award. After winning, numerous celebrities started to jump on the Radius bandwagon. Sting, Cher, Robert Redford, and Whoopi Goldberg all started using and talking about the Radius Big Brush, and Radius was cast into the national spotlight.

Toothbrushes Made in America and BPA-Free

Today, the Radius facility is energy conscious, and their machines use only a quarter of the energy that other machines use. Radius's environmentally friendly toothbrushes are crafted out of cellulose and recycled rubber, and they're also BPA free. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly. The clear cover and cardboard are 100% recycled, and they use vegetable inks for their prints.

Since their start, Radius has created a number of innovative toothbrushes, like the Flex Brush for all ages. They even make a number of travel cases and holders for your convenience. Their brushes are gentle on the gums and effectively clean the teeth. Radius is the premier brand for natural toothbrushes that are safe for all ages.

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