New World Imports

New World Imports

New World Imports is the premiere supplier of personal-care amenities in the United States. With over four decades of service, New World Imports provides a considerable array of personal care products under the Freshmint, Freshscent and CareALL brand names. Their product offerings include toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair and skin care, shaving needs, a wide assortment of over the counter drugs, and many other personal care necessities. These products are found in hospitals, hotels, correctional facilities, nursing homes, airline kits, and retail establishments around the world. By selling exclusively in full case quantities, New World Imports is able to maintain the lowest prices in the industry while providing high-quality disposable products.

Products offered at Earth Turns 

Freshmint Boxed Denture Cleanser Tablets- Helps control odors, remove stains and kills millions of bacteria with each use. Each tablet is individually wrapped.

Freshmint Clear Gel Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste- FDA registered anticavity fluoride toothpaste helps prevent cavities. Clear tube and clear formulation makes this product ideal for high security facilities.


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