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Natural Soaps and Household Cleaners

Today using natural soaps are of the utmost importance. Natural soap helps maintain healthy skin that is rich in nutrients and natural oils. Using a regular soap can not only be irritating to your skin, but it can strip away natural oils that protect the skin all day long from wind, sun, and other agents that are potentially damaging.

In addition to soaps, household cleaners can also cause damage to your skin. These cleaning products contain detergents and chemicals that clean by corrosion. When these soaps come in contact with the skin they corrode it, and as it strips away skin cells and natural oils it can leave your skin feeling irritated. By coming in contact with these household cleaners you are damaging your skin at an alarming rate. For this reason, natural household cleaners are imperative.

Why Natural Soaps and Cleaners are So Important

The skin is the body's largest living breathing organ, and acts a sponge. Most of the things that skin comes in contact with on a daily basis get absorbed into the skin. From there it enters the bloodstream and is eventually deposited all over the body. Because of this using a natural and chemical free soap everyday will promote healthier skin.

Natural Soaps are Healthy for Your Skin

Skin thrives on natural oils. Every day your body makes sure that the skin is covered by a protective layer of natural oils. These oils protect us from chemicals and toxins that could potentially be unhealthy for the skin. Using a normal soap will strip the skin of this protection, and leave you vulnerable to the elements and foreign toxins. Using a natural soap won't strip away this protective layer of oil. In fact it could help to make it more effective. Natural soaps contain natural vegetable and animal fats, and these contain nutrients that will keep your skin healthy.

A natural soap will also help your skin keep a healthy pH balance. A normal pH balance is important to keeping the skin moisturized and protected. In addition, real soaps contain numerous ingredients that moisturize and leave the skin looking healthier. Aloe vera has long been used to moisturize the skin, and is one of the best natural ingredients an all natural soap can have. Aloe vera not only locks in moisture, but also has anti-aging qualities. Regularly using aloe vera can leave your skin looking and feeling much younger. A lot of chemical free soaps contain natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil. One of the most important ways these natural oils can help your skin is by promoting skin elasticity. Elasticity is essential to healthy looking skin, because it keeps it tight and youthful.

Have You Ever Looked at the Soap You're Using?

If you haven't checked out the ingredients in the soap you're currently using you probably should. Store bought soaps sold nationwide contain numerous chemicals that can irritate skin and could potentially be dangerous to your health. Soaps also contain a variety of fillers and synthetic fragrances. Fillers are used to make the soap more appealing and marketable, but often time they are damaging to the skin. Fillers like alcohol and sodium chloride dry out the skin, and leave it damaged. On top of fillers synthetic fragrances are added to just about all unnatural soaps today. Instead of an enticing lavender or vanilla, these fragrances are usually nothing more than chemically engineered toxins. These toxins damage the skin, and can lead to skin allergies. Avoid these chemicals and toxins.

Do the Chemicals Found in Soaps and Cleaners Affect the Environment?

If you've washed yourself with the toxins found in regular soap the damage doesn't stop at your skin. The chemicals make their way down the drain, and often times find their way into the environment and surrounding area. Water is treated in two processes. The first is referred to as primary treatment, and this is where the removal of solid matter happens. The second step is called secondary treatment. In this process water treatment plants use biodegradation to remove dissolved materials. The secondary treatment rarely removes all of the dissolved materials, including soap toxins, and they end up in the water supply and environment.

Importance of Natural Household Cleaners

Household cleaners contain chemicals that were meant for industrial cleaning. Chemicals that are meant for engine degreasing or garage floor cleaning are spread all over your hands as you clean. The long term effects of these chemicals on the human body can be severe. These cleaners act very similarly to the soaps and beauty products you use on your body.

Similar to soaps, it is difficult to completely treat water for chemicals. Oftentimes household cleaning products end up in rivers, lakes, oceans. From here these chemicals will bio-accumulate in other living beings, causing irreparable damage, or settle in your own water supply.

Using natural house cleaners is a healthy and effective way to clean your household, while keeping both you and your family safe. It's great for the environment too.

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