Indigo Wild - Zum

Indigo Wild - Zum

Dogs, smiling faces, a dancing soap maker, delicious smells, happy employees, and natural skincare products are just a few of the things you will find at the Indigo Wild factory, located in Kansas City, Missouri. The employees have fun at work, and if you are there at the right time you will find dozens of people eating lunch together. Indigo Wild's shocking, bright colors, the eye-grabbing packaging, and the incredible scents are all born at the hands of a good time.

How Indigo Wild Started

Indigo Wild, the creator of Zum, started when founder, Emily Voth, was disillusioned with her job in the real world, and her yoga instructor encouraged her to turn one of her hobbies into a job. Voth started selling her organic soaps in farmer's markets, and the feedback and turn over in products was incredible. Indigo Wild's soap, which is called the Zum Bar Soap, can be found all over the world, and on average they sell out in stores in only 4.5 days.
Indigo Wild Zum Employees

The Importance of Natural and Chemical-Free Products

Voth and Indigo Wild want to spread the word on the importance of organic and natural products, and they want to make sure that consumers can make safe and well-educated decisions. They want people to know that the products that millions use every day are toxic and potentially dangerous. The Indigo Wild products are all sustainable, and they are safe for the consumer and the environment.

Indigo Wild makes their Zum Bar Soaps, Zum Mists, Zum Sprays, and other products from scratch. To make the Zum Bar Soap they use fats mixed in a lye solution and saponification, a process that transfers fats into the soap and creates glycerin. Glycerin is great for soaps because it is a natural skin softener. Indigo Wild also uses goat's milk in their soaps to naturally moisturize skin. Goat's milk helps to maintain the body's natural pH level, and this helps to stop the skin from drying out. Indigo Wild also says that the Zum Bar Soap contains so many essential oils that they're considered therapeutic.

One of the first things that many people notice is Zum Bar Soaps' electrifying colors. Indigo Wild doesn't use synthetic coloring or chemicals in their products, so it is always safe for the skin. To color the soap they use ultramarines and iron oxides.

Indigo Wild also doesn't use any dangerous preservatives. Zum uses Vitamin E, rosemary oleoresin, and potassium sorbate to ensure that their natural and chemical free products remain fresh. Indigo Wild also doesn't test on animals. Instead, they test their soaps on their family, friends, and themselves.

Indigo Wild Cares About the Customer

Indigo Wild also takes its consumer critiques to heart. When they come up with a new product they make it available to the consumer prior to its launch so that they can gather all the information and feedback that they can. This leads to a product that can be perfected and enjoyed by all.

Zum products are great for men and women of all ages. These natural and chemical-free soaps and skincare products, like Zum mist and Zum body spray, are safe for everybody, and more importantly, they're fun. The great colors and scents were all made in a happy factory where the employees feel like work is recess.
Indigo Wild Zum Employees

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