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DC Labs - Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) - 90 Tablets

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DC Labs Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL)

Betaine HCL- Supports the Stomach

BETAINE HYDROCHLORIDE Contains an Acidifing Agent (Hydrochloric Acid) that Supports Digestive Health**

Hydrochloric acid is essential for maintaining healthy gastrointestinal function. Betaine Hydrochloride is one of the best sources for restoring proper hydrochloric acid levels in the gut. Hydrochloric acid stimulates bile flow and production of pancreatic enzymes to aid digestion.

Proteins cannot be digested and amino acids and vitamins cannot be absorbed without proper hydrochloric acid levels. Specifically, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, two vitamins essential to good health, need hydrochloric acid to be absorbed properly. Non-absorption of these vitamins causes a potential risk of food sensitivity to undigested food proteins.

Individuals with low hydrochloric acid levels in the digestive tract absorb less calcium from their diet, less folic acid, ascorbic acid, magnesium and zinc. Iron deficient individuals have been found to absorb iron better if they have proper levels of hydrochloric acid.

Older people commonly have less digestive hydrochloric acid. As people age gastric acid production decreases. This decrease has been linked to loss of bone density in the elderly. Supplementation with Betaine hydrochloride can limit this decrease.

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Supports Digestive Health
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Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets at the beginning of each meal.Caution: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Chewing this product is not recommended.
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