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Natural Digestive Enzymes - Improve Digestion

Formula 115 by Dee Cee Labs

Natural digestive enzymes can improve your digestive health and can help with symptoms of:
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
The above symptoms are usually due to inadequate supply of enzymes which can be improved with enzyme supplements.

Does Spicy Food Bother You?

In order to normally digest your food, you need to have an adequate supply of digestive enzymes. Unfortunately, cooking food destroys enzymes, and eating processed foods, you probably are using up your normal supply of digestive enzymes. As we age, digestion becomes harder and harder for most people. In fact, research reveals that senior citizens have lower amounts of natural digestive enzymes than younger people do.

Daily supplementation with digestive enzymes will help you to properly digest your food. Adequately processing your food will help your digestion related symptoms and decrease the possibilities of other health problems.

Made in USA!

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Natural Digestive Enzymes. Improve digestion.
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22 Reviews

  • 5
    Great product, great service!

    Published by M. A. Lane on Jan 20th 2020

    My friend recently had her gall bladder removed. The enzymes helped her with digestive issues. I have used them for many months as defense against lactose intolerance and fried foods. My last order was incorrectly filled. I notified EarthTurns, and they promptly sent a replacement order at no cost to me. thanks, EarthTurns, and thank you DeeCeeLabs for an excellent product. On my "go to" list! Mari

  • 5
    3x a day

    Published by Barbara McLaughlin on Dec 22nd 2019

    This works so well. I had my gallbladder removed years ago and this has made such a difference!

  • 5

    Published by Gwen Kellar on Dec 6th 2019

    These supplements are great! I've been taking them most of my life as I had my gallbladder removed at age 20. Nothing else made a difference except these. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Product helps my digestion

    Published by Terri on Aug 18th 2019

    I am a repeat customer and have been using this product for several years. Definitely helps with my digestive issues in conjunction with proton pump inhibitors.

  • 5
    repeat order

    Published by Barbara McLaughlin on Mar 9th 2019

    will not do without need since gall bladder surgery

  • 4
    DC formula 115

    Published by Brenda Bamburg on Nov 17th 2018

    I have been taking these for a few years now, since I had my gallbladder removed which caused me to have bloating, because now my liver & kidneys are working harder to do the job the gallbladder did in breaking up fats & sugars. These were recommended by my Chiro/kenesieologist & have done the job. I take them after meals that consist of high sugar or fried or raw veggies . It is a big difference in how I digest better & cuts down on bloating & belching & swallowing problems. My $0 year old son who suffers from hemroids was Tod to take these & it has cut down on his bloating & pressure a whole lot. when he eats meals with the above & heavy cheese .. I would recommend it to any who have tier gallbladder removed... I never have trouble with loose bowels like many I hear who had gallbladder removed. & can eat whatever I want.

  • 5
    Take with every meal

    Published by Barbara McLaughlin on Oct 12th 2018

    Had gall bladder removed years ago. This makes such a difference.

  • 5

    Published by DENZEL D GUDGEL on Oct 9th 2018

    Delighted with the product, price and speed of delivery.

  • 5
    Best enzymes

    Published by Wendy Arias on Sep 12th 2018

    Great quality

  • 5
    Great product, does the job...

    Published by louintn on Jun 21st 2018

    You know how you get all bloated after eating, well lets say beans or a very large dinner. You take two of these at the beginning of the meal and all's well, no bloat no stuffed feeling it's all good...

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