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DC Labs - Ubiquinol 50 mg - 30 Softgels

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DC Labs Ubiquinol 50 mg

Ubiquinol - Active Form of CoQ10

Benefits of DC Labs Ubiquinol

  • Improves Energy Levels
  • Protects the Heart
  • Antioxidant - Helps Eliminate Damaging Free Radicals
  • Made in USA
DC Labs Ubiquinol is the active form of coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 and will help provide your body the energy it needs to navigate the day.

What is Ubiquinol?

Ubiquinol takes part in 95% of the body's natural energy production, and without ubiquinol the body would struggle to maintain its regular functions. Besides supplying energy, ubiquinol is the strongest lipid antioxidant.

Ubiquinol and the Production of Energy

Ubiquinol originates in ubiquinone (CoQ10). The body starts by making CoQ10, and then converts CoQ10 into ubiquinol. As the body ages it becomes harder for it to transfer CoQ10 into ubiquinol, and ubiquinol supplements become more important. Although the body needs CoQ10, a healthy body will contain more ubiquinol than CoQ10.

Ubiquinol supplements are also more effective than CoQ10, because ubiquinol is easier for the body to absorb. Once higher levels of ubiquinol are introduced to the body it will efficiently produce more energy at a cellular level. This will then lead to the body actually feeling energized, and it will increase the consumer's stamina. There are various factors that can directly deplete the body's levels of ubiquinol. Ubiquinol supplements are particularly important for those who are under a lot of stress or are constantly tired, because these factors actively reduce the amount ubiquinol in the body.

Some cholesterol lowering drugs can also reduce the amount of ubiquinol in the body and CoQ10 in the liver, and this can potentially lead to muscle spasms and lethargy.

Ubiquinol as an Antioxidant

Ubiquinol is the strongest lipid antioxidant. It constantly fights the formation of free radicals, which can aid in preventing the aging process. Ubiquinol is specifically effective at protecting the heart from free radicals. The heart is the most active organ in the body, and preventing free radicals in the heart is important to cardiovascular health. In addition to preventing free radicals, the heart requires more energy than any other organ in the body, and ubiquinol is the best way to nurture the heart's cellular energy.

Ubiquinol is important to supporting a healthy body. Low levels of ubiquinol can lead to chronic fatigue. Maintain your energy with DC Labs Ubiquinol!

DC Labs Ubiquinol is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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